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Recladding a leaky building is a process by which the exterior cladding is replaced by one of a higher quality that has been installed correctly to be water tight.

Any timber in the frame that is rotting is replaced before the building is reclad.

The actual extent of the repair work depends on the nature and extent of the problem which can only be discovered by a property inspection after which time a scope of works is drawn up.

In addition to recladding, you may need additional work in areas such as window flashings, if this contributed to the problem. You also have the opportunity to create a different look or add new elements when you reclad your home.

All repairs that require the replacement of part of a failed cladding system require a Building Consent.

Platinum Pacific Reclad are industry specialists in repairing leaky buildings and recladding of repaired buildings. We use the latest technology and industry information to provide our clients with the best possible outcome for their building repair.

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