The repair work necessary to fix a leaky building depends on the nature and extent of the problem but can be resolved by carrying out either a:

If you are recladding you also have the opportunity to create a different look or add new elements.

Weathertight consultants are trained to follow a procedure for firstly discovering the presence of leaks and secondly, deciding what remedial work needs to be carried out.

Some consultants will help you choose suitably experienced tradesmen, oversee the quotes and 'monitor' the tradesman's work.

Although the tradesmen may be experienced, fixing leaking buildings is specialised work and requires expert advice and monitoring to ensure that the leak(s) do not reappear for any reason.

The tradesmen alone cannot give you that assurance.

For your peace of mind, we use independent weathertightness experts.

What has to happen

  1. A Certified Building Consultant must carry out an inspection of the property to ascertain areas that are, or could, cause water ingress.
  2. A Scope of Works is written by this Building Consultant for the builder to carry out the repairs. This report can identify target repairs. If target repairs are widespread, recommendation may be made to reclad the entire property.
  3. Plans are drawn up and submitted to the local Council for a Building Consent. The consent costs are approximately $800 – $3,000. This is based on the dollar value of the consented work.
  4. Once the Building Consent is issued, work can be undertaken. (As of March 2008, any building work carried out to repair water ingress problems require a Building Consent).
  5. All work undertaken is inspected by the local Council and depending on the work, is also inspected by the Building Consultant.
  6. All work is signed off on completion and a Code of Compliance Certificate is issued.

Platinum Pacific Reclad will liaise with experts on your behalf as part of getting your leaky home problems solved.

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