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The Mason Clinic in Auckland and Henley Primary in Richmond, Nelson are suffering from weathertightness issues

The Education Ministry has confirmed that 13 blocks in four schools in the Nelson-Tasman area are affected by weathertightness issues reports the Nelson Mail.

This as part of 160 schools identified earlier this year as leaky, at an estimated $1.5 billion cost to repair.

Building and legal professionals have expressed concerns that Nelson-Tasman area could become a hotbed for leaky home problems given the amount of development that occurred in the region during the leaky building period, from 1992 to 2005.

And the leaky building crisis has hit a public hospital, with the Mason Clinic - a regional psychiatry facility - needing extensive remedial repairs that affect 78 out of a total of 105 beds, reported the NZ Herald.

The Mason Clinic was the only leaky public hospital of which the National Health Board had been notified.

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