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It's not just homeowners that have leaky building problems, schools are also affected.

Twenty-seven schools in central Auckland funded by the Ministry of Education are affected by weather-tightness issues according to data obtained by Fairfax under the Official Information Act.

Repairs are estimated to cost the ministry $26 million, a fraction of the predicted cost of $1.5 billion required nationwide.

A year long-long rebuild project at 128 year old Bayfield School in Herne Bay started in April. Seventy per cent of its buildings will be rebuilt, including classrooms, the library, computer and staff rooms says Principal Sheryl Fletcher.

"It's like building a plane while flying it," Fletcher says. The leaky hall will be included in the next phase of the project.

Bayfield's more recent 12-year-old buildings are also leaky despite winning design awards when first built, Fletcher says. The new building will include 12 classrooms – an additional five more than were in the old building. The building has been designed for modern learning environments, with three to four classes taught in it. "It's a big open space designed for collaborative teaching and learning.”

A Building Improvement Programme, established in 2009 by the Ministry of Education, has so far has committed $200 million to the project.

"Depending on the severity of weather-tightness issues, buildings included are either rebuilt or repaired on a like-for-like basis. In either case, students and teaching staff benefit from being able to learn and teach in safe and healthy learning environments." says Ministry of Education infrastructure service spokeswoman Kim Shannon.


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