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Only 87 leaky homes have been fixed under a Government Financial Assistance Package (FAP) to help repair leaky homes since it was introduced four years ago. Under the scheme, the Government and councils each pay 25 percent towards the repair and the home owner pays the rest.

When it was first announced four years ago, the Government predicted the scheme would fix 16,450 homes.

Despite its low uptake, Building and Construction Minister Maurice Williamson says the Government will not make any changes to the scheme. He said the low number does not mean the scheme is a failure.

According to Auckland lawyer Sarah Wroe from Martelli McKegg, who represents leaky home owners, the assistance scheme wasn't a good enough offer for many owners.

"We're finding that claimants don't want to take up that offer when they can recover a hundred percent of repair costs and other consequential losses by persuing the claim either through the Tribunal or in the courts. It's just not enough for homeowner's who've got a good claim."

Home Owners and Buyers Association president John Gray said the low uptake is disappointing but not surprising given few are aware of the scheme's limitations, which has reduced the liability for councils and the government.

"So what has happened is that a very very large number of those homes that they were considering as being potential candidates for the FAP have fallen off the 10 year cliff. So they've fallen outside the ten year limitation and they are therefore unable to file a claim under the Weathertight Homes Resolution Act and therefore not eligible for the FAP scheme."

Full story and source: Radio NZ

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