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Our home had been extensively damaged by fire and when you're faced with a large and expensive repair job, it takes a lot of pressure off to know you are dealing with a professional you can trust.

The team at Platinum Pacific Reclad Ltd, apart from rebuilding our home, had the skill and experience to carry out additional work including changes to the roof design and complete refurbishment of the interior, including modernisation of all the bathrooms and kitchen. We took the opportunity to reclad with timber weatherboards, rather than the existing plaster system which resulted in an increase in valuation of approximately $300,000. It also made the house more "saleable" as a lot of buyers will not look at a plaster house even if there are no leaks.

I have renovated multiple houses before and built several but wanted to concentrate on my business and let the experts take care of the project. This meant we didn't have the additional hassle of working with multiple contractors, in fact we had the confidence to let Marty and his team handle all of the details. They were a great team to work with and any problems that arose were sorted out quickly and without any hassle.

The work was done with quality materials and workmanship and we don't think we could have got a better outcome.

Paul Devcich

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